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Commercial Storage Condo - Workshop - Business Bungalow?

Garage Condo, Commercial Storage, Storage Condo, Office Warehouse, business bungalow, or how about "Commercial Duplex". Whatever you choose to call them is up to you. Many different names are appropriate due to the fact that they're so darn flexible.

Join the more than 100 StorageShopUSA condo owners that have already recognized the unparalleled value that comes with owning a big residential style garage that you can legally run a business out of - in other words a business or storage condo. No more wasting your hard-earned money on renting from others, owning a commercial storage condo gives you all the benefits of ownership including building appreciation and full control of your space.

Each duplex consists of 2 - 25'X 50' units that include heat, lights, 100amp service, phone, internet, cable, bathroom plumbing, as well as fully drywalled & painted walls & ceilings. Ownership for around $100,000 per unit based on location! Purchase the whole building and save even more!

Because all StorageShopUSA units are condominiums, they are maintenance-free properties which include snow removal and yard maintenance!

Commercial Warehouse Space for Everyone!

When putting together this website, we wanted to show just how flexible a StorageShop really is - what a job that turned out to be. To begin with, how do you categorize a StorageShop? Is it an office warehouse? commercial storage? oversize storage? a business condo? or maybe a business bungalow! Call it what you like, StorageShops are basically commercially zoned big garages you can utilize for business or personal needs.

When surveying current owners as to what they use their StorageShop for, we found that there are about as many uses as there are owners! We knew that they were being used by small business owners and for personal storage We didn’t expect to find that they were also being used as an art studio, a Volkswagen restoration shop, and even as a the TV studio for Street Club TV!

Whatever you need space for, you can be sure that a StorageShop will work for you.

  • Plumber
    Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers, and Painters; these are just a few of the artisans that will benefit from owning a business condo. Ample storage space and a clean, dry, and heated environment will be welcomed by those that are used to braving the elements a Wisconsin winter deals us.
  • RV
    Commercial Condos are great for indoor storage of your motor home, RV, or boat. Keep your toys out of the weather and get them ready for next season. With a full 25'x50' storage condo, you'll be sure to have plenty of space for your toys and then some.
  • Investment Property & Developers
    Business condominiums not only are great for business owners, they're a great investment as well. By owning your own business condo, you realize the property appreciation along with great tax advantages. You also might be surprised to know that the average monthly payment to own is many time less than what you might be paying for rent.
  • Storage & Warehouse Space
    Does your business need warehouse space as well as professional office space? A commercial warehouse condominium from StoreageShopUSA is a perfect solution. Our spacious design gives you plenty of room to operate efficiently. Office space is also clean and comfortable. All offices are pre-wired for high-speed internet access as well.
  • Car Collectors
    Your friends will be envious. Your new shop - It's everything you've always dreamed of. Clean, warm, dry, plenty of room for your pride and joy. It's just the shops you see in Street Rodder, and Hot Rod Magazine. Customized it to be the ultimate shop of your dreams.
  • Hobbyist
    No matter what your hobby, having a shop all to your own will give you the room to truly enjoy yourself. Whether it's cabinet making, mechanical, collecting, or whatever; don't you think it's time to have your own space to truly enjoy your spare time?
  • Poker Game
    There isn't a guy around that hasn't thought about what it would be like to have his own "Man Cave". Somewhere to get away and tinker, or just a place to hang out with your buddies and do whatever. Don't wait any longer - you're not getting any younger...
  • Multi-Purpose
    Regardless of your need, commercial storage, off-site secure business space, or a commercial warehouse; a building from StorageShopUSA has something that will work for you.